Why we created Lucid Day

Julie Thoreen Lucid Day

As a monday.com partner, people have some assumptions about who we are at Lucid Day and how we came to this work. Are we project management experts? Do we own secret stock in monday.com? How and why did we start to work with them?  In short, the answer to those questions are But we’re getting…

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How to use the Lucid Day CPA template for monday.com

Lucid Day

We created our CPA template for monday.com because we wanted to show you the full power of how you can use monday.com to transform your organization’s workflow. Think of our CPA template as the training wheels you’ll need before learning to ride the bike by yourself. Here’s a brief guide on the basics and how…

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How to Customize Status Defaults on monday.com

Photo of Patrick Marschke

Being able to customize status defaults is a big step in making monday.com fit your organization’s needs. The status column is one of the most used features on monday.com. It’s a great way to check at a glance if a task is next in line, being worked on, or needs review. While it’s already set…

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