• HR just got Lucid.

At Lucid Day, we genuinely love taking care of others. That's why we are committed to seamless implementation and continued management of Factorial, an international HR unicorn. 🦄

We've partnered with Factorial to help companies be people-first organizations. By using simple tools with inspiring knowledge and useful data, we help you to not only manage people, but also to bring out the best in them.

  • Every HR solution you need in one platform.

    Factorial offers solutions such as: time management, talent management, recruitment, expenses, analytics, software management, and document management, to name a few. Our all-in-one, user-friendly platform makes it easier for businesses to focus the people within your organization. 

  • Focus on what matters most: your people.

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When we say Lucid, we mean it.

This partnership ensures seamless implementation in less than a month. No time is wasted when your HR team's success is on the line.

Lucid Day is with you every step of the way to ensure Factorial's benefits are implemented and automated to fit the needs of your business and workforce.

  •  How does Factorial fit to your unique workplace needs?

  • Operations

    ✅ Select your preferred clock-in and clock-out method (Geolocation and Biometric Data clock-in available) 

    ✅ Overtime compensation

    ✅ Create customized absence types

    ✅ Configure absence and leave policies

    ✅ Absence calendar for maximum visibility

    ✅ Share an internal whistleblower channel

    ✅ Manage your documents without limits through unlimited digital signatures

    ✅ Send documents in bulk or individually

    ✅ + more 

  • People

    ✅ Manage your documents without limits through unlimited digital signatures

    ✅ Employee Directory

    ✅ Team Management: Customized Communities, Groups, Permissions and Reports

    ✅ Control and centralize all your evaluation processes with the Talent Dashboard

    ✅ Create job offers and create recruitment mailing templates

    ✅ Evaluate and analyze your team's performance, establish goals and competencies with a 180º, 360º and 9 Box-Grid evaluation

    ✅ + more

  • Finances

    ✅ Follow corporate spending in real time

    ✅ Store your documents and expense reports safely

    ✅ Reimburse business expenses via payroll

    ✅ Create multi-level approval policies with no limits

    ✅ Create and apply smart rules for approval of expenses by category

    ✅ Manage vendors and recurring payments 

    ✅ + more

  • Give your HR the gift of ease.

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