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What a great month for users! We had two big updates for that allow you more flexibility with how you match automations and add new items to your boards. We’re especially excited about the automation aspect – no more combing through your work to see why it didn’t match up, only to realize it was errant capitalization that messed you up. Let’s see what’s new!

Also check out Quick tips for better organization on for more quick tips on organizing your system.

Match automations will no longer be case sensitive

Lucid Day

Match automations will be able to match based on content and they will no longer be case sensitive! This means that there will be fewer errors between matches to boards. In this case, what that means is when we set up an automation that uses the match feature, it will no longer be sensitive to uppercase and lowercase. So for example, if you were to use the automation and you were to put a lowercase, “j” it’s still gonna match up with a “J” that’s capital. This update makes it SO much easier for information to be matched to each other. It also means fewer errors between the matches. That’s what we in the biz call a “win-win.”

An easy new way to add items to your boards: Email!

Lucid Day

No more logging in to every time you want to make an update to your board? Now let’s you use email for adding items to your boards by using a dedicated email! 

Here’s how.

  1. Start by checking the menu in a board
  2. Choose board settings
    1. Select “create items via emails”.
  3. Choose settings
    1. For members of your account, you can shorten and specialize the email to better fit your workflow.

That’s it. With this new feature you can set up customized emails, update without logging in to your monday, and generally save time. Heck yes. 

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Also check out Quick tips for better organization on for more quick tips on organizing your system.


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