Lucid Day updates for August 2022

August 29, 2022

Get the most of your system with our monthly updates, tips, and tricks.  What a great month for users! We had two big updates for that allow you more flexibility with how you match automations and add new items to your boards. We’re especially excited about the automation aspect – no more…

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Setting monday Permissions for Your Team

Three quick tips for better organization on 

August 29, 2022

Here are three quick tips for getting better results with your boards. While some of these might be common knowledge, we’ve met a ton of folks who didn’t know you could do this. Plus, a little refresher never hurt anyone.  Hiding columns restricts information from being exported Have you ever worried whether your information…

Read More workflows for CPAs

August 8, 2022

Running an accounting firm is more than doing taxes and bookkeeping for your clients. You also have sales, marketing, customer support and administrative teams and tasks. But practice management software is rigid and only serves one small part of your business. understands. It’s flexible, no-code software that can help everyone on your team manage…

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What’s new on monday. com: July 2022

August 3, 2022

Stay on top of monday .com’s newest features with our monthly review  At Lucid Day, it’s our goal to make your lives simpler when using monday .com. From automations to useful widgets, it’s all a way for us to reduce the workload on you, while making sure that all your team’s needs are being met.…

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Case Study: How Lucid Day streamlined processes for accounting firm using

July 18, 2022

Czarnowski & Beer LLP is a leading firm with over 35 years of experience providing financial services for cooperatives, condominiums, small businesses and high-net-worth individuals. In fact, in their quest to get a handle on their practice management software, they were using a combination of emails, Excel spreadsheets, and meetings to stay on top of…

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Lucid Day

Importing from Excel into advanced techniques to manage complex spreadsheets

June 24, 2022

Importing Excel spreadsheets or Google sheets into your monday is one of the most common tasks you’ll do as a manager. That said, it’s not always easy or intuitive to figure that out by yourself. The great part about monday is that it makes doing some complex tasks with those Excel files relatively easy.  Also…

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