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Instagram Icon and Link has a ton of great functions, but one of its biggest strengths is being able to see at a glance what your team is up to. One of its best features is the ability to view multiple projects on without having to change boards. Unfortunately, many PMs don’t take advantage of this function because they simply don’t know how.

While it’s pretty easy to do this for a single project on a board when you want to see multiple projects at once, you’ll have to set up a special table. Julie from Lucid Day shows us exactly how to view updates on multiple projects with one board by using dashboard widgets, filters. We call it… the super board.

How to view multiple projects on with a super board

Add a new dashboard

Click the + Add button located at the top left of your screen, just under your workspace tab. Select “New Dashboard”.  Name your dashboard something descriptive. Yes, we named ours “Super Board” but we have faith that your creativity will guide you to whatever sounds best. 

Choose which dashboards to include 

Now you’ll be given the prompt to choose the boards you’d like to include. While you can access the last few boards you’ve used in the recent board list, it’s easiest to just type the name of the board into the search function. Make sure to include every board that you’ll need for this board. 

Search the name of the board and include all relevant projects you’ll need to view

Add a widget

At the top of your dashboard, you’ll see an Add widget button. The widget we’re looking for isn’t immediately accessible from the drop-down menu, so we’ll have to get it from the widgets center. In the widget center search “table”. The table is able to pull in any boards that you’ve already selected (or you can add boards if you missed any the first time).

Choose your layout

While in the same menu, you’ll be able to choose the columns you want to be included from each board. That can include status, timeline, cost, owner, etc. If there are certain columns you don’t want to see, it’s as easy as unchecking that specific box. Once you have everything you need, click “Done”. Your board should be laid out with each project you selected. 

Label your table

Give your board a descriptive name. We named ours “All the Things for All Projects”. Is it descriptive? For our purposes, yes. Maybe you’ll want to name yours “Ongoing Clients” or “Projects in Progress”. Really whatever is applicable to how you grouped these projects together. We call this the ‘super table’. Now you’ll be able to view multiple projects on without having to switch boards.

Use filters to see when a status is stuck or needs review

Want to just see the items you need to review or that are stuck? On this board it’s easy. 

  1. Click the filters option, then select the down arrow to bring up advanced filters
  2. Fill out the advanced filter form to say “Where status is” then select stuck or review from the drop-down menu. You’ll need to do this for each project separately. 
  3. The main board will now let you see everything that needs review or is stuck across all the projects you’ve selected. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Now you’re able to get a better handle on seeing the status of multiple projects using your new super board. It’s a great way for managers to stay on top of things without having to navigate multiple boards and multiple filters. Now go forth, and create super boards


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