Training Case Study: foundry10

Monday Training Case Study: foundry10

How foundry10 streamlined their process to better serve their team. We loved getting to know our clients, foundry10, an education company that helps set up STEM and art programs, conducts research, and engages in philanthropy. That’s a lot of great stuff! As PMs know – “a lot of great stuff” translates to a lot of…

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How to help your team adopt

How to help your team adopt monday

As a project manager you know that it’s your job to make sure things get done, on time, and to the specifications you need. You also know that it’s your people who do this work for you. This training is about how to keep THEM happy. So let’s say instead of using “my work”,…

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How to customize for your team

How to customize Monday for your team

If you’re like most people, you probably set out to use with the best intentions You want to get your organization, well, organized and seems like a great platform to do that. You aren’t wrong, it’s a robust, flexible project management system that allows you the ultimate freedom to set up your boards…

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