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The Complete Guide to Getting Your Team to Adopt and Succeed With

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Three quick tips for better organization on 

Here are three quick tips for getting better results with your boards. While some of these might…


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As a project manager you know that it’s your job to make sure things get done, on time, and to the specifications you need. You also know that it’s your people who do this work for you. This training is about how to keep THEM happy.

So let’s say instead of using “my work”, someone wants to see things on a particular board that only are assigned to them. One really amazing feature within views is how it can be specifically tailored to whoever is looking at it. 

Filter your team’s views to reduce confusion

Don’t want your employees to be bogged down with extra details that don’t affect them? Solve this by filtering your view with the “dynamic” view feature.

So let’s say you create a table view and assign some tasks to an employee. Within that view, offers the “dynamic” view feature so that each person’s view is tailored to their specific tasks. Set it up once, and your team member will have a custom view where they don’t see everyone else’s tasks.

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Here’s an example from our training video, “How To Use to Set Up Your Team for Success”.

For example, if my colleague Tanya comes in here, she’s going to only see the tasks that are assigned to her. This same feature, the same filter can be used on dashboards. It can be used on, for example, a dashboard widget. And now it’s only going to show those things that are having to do with me. So it’s a really powerful widget. 

Before Filtering:

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After Filtering:

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Making your easier to use for your team: limit their access

The reason why is so good is that it makes everything organized for you – while also being easy, intuitive, and fun for your team to use So we’ve covered dynamic filtering, which is important because most folks on the production side of your team don’t want to come in and see a lot of info that doesn’t pertain to them. Is there anything else you can do?

Absolutely. One of the biggest things we stress at Lucid Day is learning how to organize your boards in a more intuitive way. That helps people understand where their things “live” so that they have a home spot they can go to to find the information they need. No more will they have to question you about where things go, or where to find a document. 

To do this, you actually have to limit your team’s access to edit things. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true. This is like putting guardrails in, so your team is able to make updates that matter.

For example, if you edit a particular column to restrict the editor to just you – your team won’t have to worry about it. It might seem like a no-brainer, but the intentionality of this is important. Not just for how works, but how your team feels about After all, managing your team and their personalities is just as important as getting them to understand the software itself. All of it fits together to create a cohesive plan. 

Ultimately is about people. Your people.

Restricting access and editing powers gives your board some intentionality that it may lack at the beginning of this process. When you do this, not only will it make tasks clearer for your team, it will make it easier for you to track when they’re getting it done. Plus, your team will feel like you’re helping and caring for them – instead of nagging them to learn yet another software or organizational platform. 

At Lucid Day, we understand that ultimately is about helping people, not just creating systems. It can be helpful to have this holistic view as you move forward. Getting your team on board can be easier than you think.

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