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Sometimes you don’t need all the details. Sometimes you just want to see what’s going on at a glance. is great for that! When you create a view, you’re able dive as deep as you want into a project’s details. It’s not hard! Here’s an easy way to set up a view on your board that will allow you to see where your project has been, where it’s at now, and how to plan ahead. 

Let’s use sales leads as an example. Your sales team may need a lot of information on their leads board, but if you’re trying to get an overview — you don’t want to see all those details. No problem. You can create a view specifically for that. 

How to create a view on

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Your deal information card can have multiple widgets to help manage your CRM needs.

For the purposes of this demo, let’s call our new view “High-Level”. It’s going to be a table at the top of the new client sales pipeline. To do that, we’re going to have to create a view. 

Click Add View from the main table menu.

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From here, you’ll be given a list of options on the types of dashboard views you can utilize. About halfway down, you’ll see a table in the “other views” section. Click that, it’s what we’re going to need.

Change the name of the table

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As we said, we called our table “High-Level” but feel free to pick whatever works for you. Just label it something that is easily discernable as your view. That’s the beauty of, it doesn’t make you use its terms, it allows you to match it to your own companies verbiage. Maybe that means you’ll label them “lead pipeline” or “the big picture.” Just make sure you label it something you’ll remember!

Choose which columns you want to see

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The whole point of having an overview is that you won’t be bothered by extraneous data. makes it super easy to pick which columns you want to display.

  1. Click the icon of an eye with a dash through it (see our image)
  2. From the drop down menu, choose which columns are valuable to you (for ours, we chose  name, contacted, engagement letter, and payment)
  3. Your board is set up to track those specific columns — and nothing else! 

Additional Filters

Occasionally there could be additional items that you want to filter out. Say, you don’t want to see projects after they’re already closed out. To filter these options out, you’ll have to create an advanced filter for your view.

  1. Click advanced filters
  2. Choose the column, condition, and value. You’ll see a number of options from the drop down menu. For us, that means choosing group, is not, and “closed won” and “closed lost”. Note that you can have multiple values for your filter. You don’t need to set up multiple filters. 
  3. Click “Save to view”
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Did you know…

You can do other things than just filter out information and hide columns: 

  • Create rules for sorting
  • Create conditional coloring rules to highlight certain cells you determine
  • Easily filter by people 

Dive deeper into views on the official views tutorial

Learn how to share a board with a client 

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Customize your board to create the views that best serve your needs

Enjoy your monday handiwork

Congrats! You now have a board that can give you an at-a-glance overview of your project! Now you’ll be able to see immediately where a project is in its timeline! Experiment with what works best for your management style. The best part about is how easy it is to customize your view!


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