Accounting/CPA software doesn't solve enough of your problems

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    It's great for

    Organizing and getting taxes done for your clients. 

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    It's terrible for

    Helping you manage all of the other processes required to run a successful practice.

That's why we searched every corner of the internet to find the most powerful team management software that was also flexible enough for a CPA or accounting practice to run their business and manage their team. We found it. It's called

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Objection! sounds great, but I don't have time to learn a new platform."


Solution 🙂
Lucid Day's Custom Workspace for CPAs/Accountants

The flexibility of can feel daunting. As a CPA firm, your needs are different from the needs of a marketing company or sales team using You don't have the time to learn and customize a new software that wasn't built specifically for CPAs already.

That’s why we have created a templated workspace specifically for CPAs and accountants, and we are giving it away for free.

How to Get Started with and your
Free CPA Workspace


Sign up for your free trial of using the Lucid Day link


We schedule a call with you to discover if and our CPA template is the right fit for your firm


We schedule a 1-hr customized demo to show how could transform your firm fills in the gaps that your accounting software lacks.

  • Track and manage sales and onboarding process for new clients

  • Workflows and automated reminders for admin and client management tasks

  • Visibility into what your people are working on and how far along they are in the task

  • Ability for remote and hybrid workforce to collaborate effectively and efficiently fills in the gaps that your accounting software lacks.

More Benefits of

Time Tracking
Capacity Planning
Project Management
Beautiful Visualization Dashboard
Integration with other Applications
Assignable Tasks to Team Members
Easy to Understand Reports
Desktop, Android, and iOS apps
Intuitive Automations and Notifications
Upload Files Directly to Tasks

What's the deal with Lucid Day?
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We exist to help companies get the most out of

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture from Ikea or online and when you got it home realized that it was a lot more complicated than you had expected? You know the end result will be worth it, but you’re a long way off from that.

That’s how we feel about

The end result is the ideal practice management platform for accounting and CPA firms, but it can be a bit of a process to get there.

We believed the payoff for our clients would be so significant that we started Lucid Day to focus on helping our clients set up and use more effectively.

Get your FREE demo now and learn how will optimize your workflow.