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Got a minute? That’s literally all it takes to understand how to make status labels on

The Status Column is really useful for a variety of functions on Seriously, you use it pretty much everywhere. It’s why offers up to different status options for any label you use. The problem is that sometimes you need a whole bunch of them all at once, and it can be time-consuming to input or edit every status label you need individually. Nobody has time for that. 

The status column on is a great way to see the progress of your project at a glance.

For example, maybe you want to get more visibility on which regions various tasks are taking place. As long as there are fewer than 40, a status column is a great option for this — and would provide an at-a-glance overview with easy to interpret colors. Suppose you already have a list of every region you work in. In that case, you can use the dropdown column’s rapid input method and then simply convert that dropdown to a status column — taking something that might take minutes and finishing it in seconds. 

Are you the sort of person who likes to read instead of watching a video? No problem! Here’s exactly how to do this, but, you know, written down instead. 

How to make status labels on in just three clicks

Ready? Set. Go.

Step 1: Create a dropdown column on your board

Go to your board. On the right-hand side, click the + sign. There you will find the option to create a dropdown column on your board. Do it! Seems easy, right? Like we said, we’re going to get you through this whole process in about three clicks. 

Step 2: Create your list of labels in another word document/spreadsheet/etc

Use a spreadsheet, email, word doc. Honestly, whatever’s clever. Don’t think too long about it. Just make sure that the labels are accurate — you don’t want to spend time going back and editing later. The big thing here is that it has to be in a list form with ENTER pressed between each item. (You know, like how a list looks.) 

Highlight the entire list, then right-click and choose “copy.” 

Step 3: Copy/Paste your list into the dropdown menu on

Go to your dropdown menu on and paste your list into it. Your list should be automatically turned into individual dropdown labels. Scroll up and down to make sure that they’re correct.

Step 4: Convert the dropdown to a status column

Go to the dropdown column’s options menu and “Change Column Type” to a status column.

Now you can sit back and admire your handiwork… now get back to work!

Now your employees can choose from your list of status labels. We used regions as an example, but there are nearly limitless ways to use this technique. That’s the beauty of; once you master some of these time savers, you’ll come to appreciate the flexibility and power it offers the folks who use it. 


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